LCN 4041-DEL-AL Delayed Action Door Closer with Rw/62, Aluminum Powder Coat Finish

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Description :

4041 DEL – Standard 4041 DEL Rw/PA closer shipped with Regular w/62PA (Rw/PA) arm, standard plastic cover, and self reaming and tapping screws. Non-sized cylinder is adjustable for interior doors to 5’0 and exterior doors to 4’0. Closer mounts hinge side, top jamb, and parallel arm w/PA Shoe on either right or left swinging doors. Closers to meet ADA requirements. Delayed action Standard powder coat finish: Aluminum 689 (AL).


  • For Aluminum, hollow metal or wood swinging doors and frames
  • Adjustable for interior doors to 5'0' and exterior doors to 4'0'
  • Nonhanded arm mounts pull side or top jamb with shallow reveal, Aluminum Powder Coat Finish
  • Includes regular arm, plastic cover, self reaming and tapping screws
  • Delayed Action: Delays time adjustable up to approximately 1 minute
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    • Part Number : 4041-DEL-AL
    • Package Dimensions : 8 x 6 x 6 inches
    • Batteries Included? : No
    • Batteries Required? : No